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'Sax Among Seniors' - shows specially
created to delight 'mature' audiences.

Perfoming as a duo or trio we offer a constantly evolving series of one-hour shows created by Don Wade, specifically for seniors' entertainment. These shows have proven enormously popular among 'mature' audiences and event organizers alike.

Each show has a theme, presented in Don's light-hearted and good-natured style, featuring a carefully chosen selection of familiar songs and tunes which will have listeners singing-along...sometimes up and dancing!

Some shows are themed to mark specific occasions or events, others are more anecdotal, but all are laced with Don's wry humour and guaranteed to rekindle fond memories of "The Good Old Days".

A partial list of show themes is shown below but we're always open to suggestions and would be pleased to discuss any particular requests. All shows are one hour in length, available at any time, and easily modified to suit your preferences.


“Songs that Got Us Through World War Two"
To mark Remembrance Day we feature songs by the big-bands and Vera Lynn plus popular British wartime favourites such as “The Lambeth Walk” (ask any of your Brit expat residents about this one!).

“Spring into Summer"
Featuring light-hearted songs about warmer (and drier!) weather being on its way,
as winter gives way to spring and summer.

“Fall into Winter”.
This show features the beautiful and sometimes amusing songs about autumn and early winter. And if it's close to Halloween, we’ll include some “scary” tunes too!

“Holiday Songs My Grandparents Taught Me"
This show features well-known secular tunes about the Yule season, along with popular Carols...some with Don's grandfather’s slightly mangled lyrics!


 “Great Canadian Music, eh?”. 
Many of the great musical standards heard around the world over the years were composed, arranged, performed and recorded right here in Canada. This show features songs made famous by Canadian artists such as Guy Lombardo & The Royal Canadians, Wilf Carter (Montana Slim), The Rhythm Pals, The Four Lads, and many more.

“Great Broadway Openings”.
If you were in New York in September between 1925 and 1955 you might have found yourself attending a hit Broadway musical opening. We play songs from these shows.

“Music from the Film Musicals” 
This show features great tunes that were debuted on film by the likes of Gene Kelly,
Fred Astaire, and Judy Garland.

 “Women We’ve Loved”. 
Often performed in May to celebrate Mother’s Day, this show focuses on songs with lyrics about our wonderful women, some with their names included in the title.

“One Percent of All the Love Songs Ever Written”. 
This popular theme show features some of our favourites chosen from the many romantic songs written between 1930 and 1950.

"Travels With My Grandparents"
Here we feature tunes about places Don's grandparents visited on their round-the-world vacation - from New Orleans to Ireland - way back in 1947.

"Songs From Titanic”.
If you were having High Tea in Titanic’s Promenade Salon, these are the songs you’d have heard being played by the ill-fated ship's orchestra.

“Singing to the Moon”.

How many tunes feature titles and lyrics about the moon? This show proves how many more there are than you'd expect!

"Famous Song Writers”. 
A show featuring music penned by Irving Berlin, Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer and other memorable songwriters.

"Those Crazy Crooners".
Songs made famous by crooners such as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Nat King Cole”, who dominated the radio airwaves for so many years.

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